Our mission is to provide a one of a kind experience while you sit back and relax in a beautiful classic car and enjoy the colorful flower fields.

Get away from the crowd and spent quality time with your family, friends or guests. Let us show you the beautiful spots to take amazing photos and learn about the flower(bulb) process. On the longer tours we will also taste some Dutch delicacies, like our famous apple pie or ‘stroopwafels’ (syrup cookies). 
The tulip fields are not far from the cities Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden and The Hague. We will take you out of the city and show you what else Holland has to offer. Are you ready to go and explore?

Josie Tours
The idea for Josie Tours was born on December 27, 2017. Just five weeks later, on January 31, 2018, Josie Tours is registered at the Chamber of Commerce and ready to go!
Josie Tours is solely owned by José Nicola. A local to the ‘Bollenstreek’,  who will be your driver and tour guide. Although this seems a one-woman-show, José could not operate Josie Tours without the help and support of her father Piet Nicola. If it wasn’t only for his lovely cars! 😉

José Nicola
‘Hi, I’m José and I look forward to show you the tulip fields. Their vibrant colors make me so happy!
I love to travel, see different places and meet new friends, but at the same time there’s no place like home, especially in Spring time.
Although ‘José’ is a proper Dutch female first name (pronounced as ‘yoh-zay’), in the English language I often introduce myself as ‘Josie’, to avoid confusion. Hence the name Josie Tours. 
While in high school and in college I always had side jobs working with flower bulbs. Starting as early as 11-years old working three hours after school pealing the bulbs, cleaning them. Later on I worked during summers packing bulbs for sales and shipping. I went on to work in administration. I also enjoyed working in a souvenir shop in the Keukenhof flower park in Lisse. 
After receiving my bachelor degree in law I started working in urban planning and development for a local government. Now, about ten years later, I combine the things I love; meeting new friends and speak English while touring around, watching all these colorful flower fields come to life.’ 


Piet Nicola
Piet Nicola has a great collection of Studebakers and Packards. His oldest car being a Studebaker Commander Roadstar  from 1929 to his ‘youngest’ car, a Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk from 1962. You can check his collection online here: www.pietnicola.nl  

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