What can you expect and how to prepare for your tour?


From late March to early May the weather can change immensely in the Netherlands. Temperatures can differ from 5 to 20+ degrees Celcius and it may be windy on the open flower fields. So we advise you to dress warm and in layers.

The weather also influences the growth of the flower bulbs. When the weather is cold the tulips are growing much slower than when the weather is warm. A cold winter and springtime will cause the flowers to blossom later than normal. A warm winter and springtime causes the opposite. So every year is a surprise! Early in the season we will see daffodils, later on our beloved tulips and hyacinths.

We always know which flower fields are at their best on your touring day. Every tour is adjusted to the flower fields in bloom and your pick up location – not one tour is the same! A colorful experience guaranteed.

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions apply to all our tours, services and bookings. You can read them {here}.

What to bring

We advise you to bring the following:

  • Warm clothing and maybe a scarf;
  • Your camera!
  • When warmer: sunscreen and sun glasses
  • If you want: drinks and snacks (we also supply each guest with a water bottle and 1 snack).


Our cars were built between 1937 and 1961 and all have comfortable seating. Most of our cars do not have seatbelts. Under Dutch law, cars build before 1971 are not obligated to have seatbelts. Please know that we care the utmost about your safety and that we will not drive faster than 50 km/h within the Bollenstreek area.

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